Mosley MINI-32-A

December 28, 2013

Hi Gary: I thought I should let you know that the Mini is now putting out a very good signal. After the fix, I turned on the KX3 and was scanning the 15 meter band when I came across a pileup. A NATO special event station, 4L8A was calling CQ and I was able to catch him on the first try. I was running only about 60 watts using the KX3, the other JA's were blasting away. Also removed an unneeded filter from the line which improved the receive a few dB's and must have also helped in the tx. Thanks again for all the advice and help, Gary! Cheers, Hank


May 16, 2013

Hello to all at Mosley,
It is just on 3 years since I put my Mini 32-A antenna up in the air, and it has given faultless service but I wish to upgrade to a little larger antenna and who else but Mosley to supply one. Would you please supply me with the cost to supply a standard TA-33-JR-N and freight to Geelong,Victoria Australia (approx 40 miles from Melbourne).  I understand that ordered antennas have to be manufactured so allowance has to be allowed from order placement to allow for this. I await your reply to this request.
Regards John Weston    VK3NRW

This is truely the best "ham dollars" I have spent in 21 years on the air!

May 16, 2013

I would like to let you know how pleased I am with my new TA-33-JR-W and your on time shipment & support.  The antenna went together very easily and I installed it last weekend on my tower, at 34' - by myself - with the help of aEnlarge Picture... Click Me! rented manlift.    The SWR curves are as good or better than you publish.  I have been working with a multi-band vertical for several years on HF.  The Mosley consistently yields 5-6 "S" units better, on receive, and I can WORK stations that I can't even hear on the vertical!  Another great plus is that it is much less "noisy". I have only been able to operate for a couple of hours (been busy) but have already snagged 6 "new ones"!  This is truly the best "ham dollars" I have spent in 21 years on the air.
Again, thanks and keep up the good work! David Underhill, WA9DU


May 16, 2013

I bought a used TA-33-JR ant about 33 years ago.  Never has failed. Get wonderful reports still. Wonderful ant. K4LBZ BILL



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