VE7MWP TA-33-JR-N WARC "Thanks for such a great product!"

January 06, 2013

VE7MWP  All too often no one takes the time to send a note when everything worked and went smoothly.   Enlarge Picture... Click Me!My TA-33 arrived on time, all the pieces were in the box, and assembly was a dream.  More importantly, it works wonderfully and met all your published specifications.   Thanks for such a great product.   Best regards,   Marc Phillips   VE7MWP

DF5RF MINI-33-A, 500 QSOs using 5 watts...

January 06, 2013

DF5RF  Thanks for this small and fine antenna!   Enlarge Picture... Click Me!The antenna has been set to the CW parts on 20m and 15m, on 10m I had to make a compromise with 28.3 MHz. But anyway, I already made more than 500 QSO's using QRP (5 Watts!), and worked A5A on 100Watts. I've played with a number of compromise-in-size antennas before, and I can tell you this one is much more directional than I expected, even on 20m!  Attached is a picture showing it is mounted below a 7ele 2m yagi.   Thanks again and best regards!  Gernot, DF5RF

W3MAT Mosley TA-33-JR-N

November 23, 2012

W3MAT TA-33-JR-N,   I was able to bust through that pileup on the first attempt... :  READ MORE HERE

Enlarge Picture... Click Me!


Mosley MINI-33-A Compact Ham Radio Antenna

November 16, 2012

Enlarge Picture... Click Me! August 18, 2010 I received my Mini-33-A Triband beam several weeks ago.   The assembly went smoothly with no problems.  I was impressed with the clarity of the directions and the quality of  the materials.  How good is it;  I worked Alaska (KL7LF) for the first time ever from Texas, breaking though a huge pileup.   I worked Hawaii (KH6QR) on the big Island from Texas.  More important, at last I have a real beam that fits into the tight space requirements at my QTH.  Dexter   K5WDW



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