S-33 Kicks Butt!

January 04, 2014
Thanks for all the assistance on the S33. I have it up and it is kicking butt. Worked about 60 new entities on 40m with it since putting it up in March. Really amazing. It is also really great on 20 and 17 and worked about 20 ATNOs on it this year in moderately poor conditions (now up to 290). I could be happier with the antenna. So many thanks!

Keith AK6ZZ

Mosley AM-14-2

January 04, 2014
Again, thank you for the information. Today, finally, I was able to get the antenna to under 1.6 SWR in all the 2M band. Excellent support as always! There is a point at 145.300 that it is flat 1.1, goes to 1.6 at 144.00 and stays at 1.4 at 148.00. Excellent. 73's! Wish you guys a great 2014!! Jose WP4OFO

Mosley S-33

January 04, 2014
All I know are the results I get when I bust through east coast pileups on 40 & 20 with half the power some of these guys run. I don't double guess results. And there is no doubt that the S33 is an amazing antenna. On 40m it is awesome. Thanks, Keith AK6ZZ

Mosley AM-56, MY-144-9, MY-430-14 & more...

November 19, 2013

See my (K4PRB) page featuring a picture of my Mosley antennas and description of same that resulted in the below emails.  I'm never shy to give credit where credit is due, or vice versa. I'm just delighted with my Mosley antennas and the whole experienceThe 6m & 2 m yagis get a work out twice a week on two nets that run North & South from Tilghman Island, MD and they often reach Connecticut to the North and Virginia to the South.  When I posted a photo of my antenna stack & narrative on my listing I was asked "Why Mosley?" I've forwarded my response below. I hope it will make some Hams make reasonable choices about their yet-to-be antenna purchases.  Keep up the good work.  73,  Paul Buckwalter K4PRB   READ MORE HERE



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