Mosley PRO-57-B vs. Optibeam

November 19, 2013

Hi Gary;   A little bit more than one year I am running my PRO-57B with great success. You did not promise too much, it s a great antenna which outperforms my later OBW 10-5 from Optibeam by lengths.   Could you tell me what the turning radius would be, if would add the 30 meter option. A far as I can see o your website, the 40 meter options causes a turning radius of  6.71 m which is too much for my circumstances, but the 30 meter option could almost fit.   Many thanks in advance!   73, Peter - DL1MDU - Munich

Mosley PRO-67-C3 Install by Colorado Tower Work

November 19, 2013

Comment from Jack's customer: 

"Just got back from CQ Worldwide at the cabin. 1,424 QSOs and 108 total countries... many on multiple bands. 101 countries on 10 meters alone. The Pro 67 is really working."


November 19, 2013

Enlarge Picture... Click Me!To all the fine family at Mosley      THANK YOU ALL For A great Ant,    and for all the help you have sent to me so I was Able to help others...Hear is some photos of the install in 1994, also photo of the shack as it to day.      AT 85  yr old I hope no changes  to come......                      Glenn Wade    AE7AD

WB4NRE Mosley PRO-67-B, "Point and Shoot"

June 18, 2013

Pass this along; you should call these "Point and Shoot" antennas! All I do is point and answer the DX calls. Hearing my calls returned thru the pileup when I'm only running 100 watts is very cool. I worked QRP to Greece with a KX3 and 5 watts and signal report of 5-6, 5-7 a couple of weeks ago. Just letting you know I'm glad I upgraded to the Pro67B. Thanks for the great antenna.
-Carl Sampieri WB4NRE



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