Automatic band switching by means of high-impedance
     resonant trap circuits.  

In order to give hams a choice in beam matching systems and an antenna featuring maximum gain with increased bandwidth, we devised the matching method used on the Classic antennas - the patented Balanced Capacitive Matching. For more information on the Classic feed system please see our FAQ section.  

Mosley CL Capacitive Match

As with all Mosley antennas, your elements and boom pieces are all pre-drilled and color coded, which makes assembly quick and easy.  Our hardware is made of the best grade of stainless steel and our tubing is aircraft grade drawn aluminum. The warranty on the CL line is two year against any defects of material or workmanship.
Dual-Band Three Element 10 & 15
Tri-Band Three Element
Tri-Band Three Element + WARC Dipole
Tri-Band Six Element
Tri-Band Nine Element
12 & 17 Meter Add On Kit for CL-33


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