Automatic band switching by means of high-impedance
     resonant trap circuits.  

KS1S's Mosley PRO-57-B Mosley PRO-57-B-40
There are those out there who have been trying to copy and design a version of the PRO for the last 30 years.  As with the copied TA-33, the TA-33 is still the best performing, durable, 14 foot tri-band beam made. And like the TAs, the PROs are the best performing, reliable and cost effective multi frequency antennas on the market.
Regardless of what our competitors sell to compete with the PROs, the PRO series offers the best all around beams in the industry!  The PRO's offer the Ham radio community the most complete, cost effective and varied product line anywhere in the world.
These PRO's have been "Hurricane" tested over the past 3 decades. The PROs have been through some of the worst ice storms ever seen in the US.  Regardless of the environment the PROs are rugged, stable, and reliable year after year.
If you are looking for an antenna with excellent performance which is trouble free and a great investment, then all you have to do is remember the name "Mosley".  Predrilled and color coded for ease of assembly with quality materials and workmanship to insure a long life.
I5HOR's Mosley PRO-95-3
Five Band Seven Element
Six Band Seven Element
Six Band Seven Element
Seven Band Seven Element
Five Band Nine Element
Six Band Nine Element
Seven Band Eleven Element


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