GROUND PLANE ANTENNAS FOR  25 TO 470 MHzGround Plane Antennas


Mosley 360°Ground Plane Antennas are exceptionally effective in base station installations working with mobiles. Polarization is vertical and a low angle radiation is achieved through use of  horizontal radials and a unique "modified gamma" feed system.  VSWR is held to less than 1.5/1 at resonant frequency.   The radiating element is grounded, providing a static drain path to ground with consequent improvement in signal-to-noise ratio.  This feature also gives a considerable degree of lightning protection to the system.  Power rating of each Mosley is established by the rating of the coax and fittings at the frequency involved.   These antennas have a 50/52 ohm feed point impedance.  Mosley Ground Planes are 100% rust proof.  Elements are made of drawn aircraft grade tubing and the hardware stainless steel and other non-corrosive fasteners.  When ordering specify the frequency and power needed.  Antennas are factory-cut to frequency. 


Mosley Ground Plane Antennas feature a sturdy base mount especially designed to provide rigid, no-guyed support. Ribteed component is molded of "cycolac" and incorporates a coax fitting pre-assembled to the unit.  The base plate is 6061-T6 aluminum mounted on a cast aluminum flange which fits over a mast pipe. Ground Plane radials bolt securely to the base plate. 

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Mosley Diplomat
A 5/8 wave omni-directional vertically polarized 2 meter antenna with a low angle of radiation ideal for base-to-mobile operation. Features the Mosley "Induct-O-Match" system for loading and impedance matching and a female coax connector that is easily fastened to the radial support for a long lasting connection.


For 6 meter VHF (DI-6) and for the popular 10 meter DX band (DI-10), these two omni-directional 5/8 wave vertically polarized antennas feature the Mosley "Induct-O-Match" system for loading and impedance matching using 1/8" aluminum rods, swaged ends to reduce wind load and possibility of metal fatigue.  Easy to mount and compact.

CUSTOMIZING the DIPLOMAT 2 - 6 - 10...

Customize-It-Yourself - a feature of the antenna that permits you to monitor the action of the 21st Century. This remarkable 2 meter antenna may be easily cut to any desired frequency between 150 and 175 MHz. Simple, concise instructions are supplied with the Diplomat 2. Now you can tune into the police and the fire department, industrial, emergency net, utility, forestry, marine traffic communications, and many more interesting, useful, and informative broadcasts available on 150 through 175 MHz.

Business Band transmitting and receiving are possible on your own assigned frequency in this range. The Diplomat 2 is ideal for anyone having a need for 2 meter base-to-base or base-to-mobile communications. 

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